About Us

Inspiring  people to extend acts of mercy. 

"One day, David inquired, "Does anybody from Saul's family remain?" If there is, I would like to be kind to him for Jonathan's sake as  I  promised God I would do.”

 2 Samuel 9 vs 1

Our History

The "House of Mercy" is a non-profit community organisation that was established in July 2020 with the objective of offering community initiatives that support the North East of England as well as international projects.

Status: Unincorporated Association (constituted community group)

UK Project

The "House of Mercy" organisation provides projects that support the North East of England, especially Middlesbrough. It currently provides reading, writing and homework assistance to children aged 5 to 16 in multicultural communities in TS1-TS5 areas.

House of Mercy has educational services that improve the lives of children in the community.

It's aims for reading, writing and homework support activities are:

  • Provide a safe, virtually fun environment where all local children aged 5-16 are welcome.
  • Encourage children to take part in reading and writing activity and develop healthy habits and lifestyles.
  • Provide a safe virtual environment for parents and children to interact together and forge relationships with other local families.
  • Provide support for families whose children struggle with reading or have difficulty making friends, by linking children up with online reading and writing volunteers who support them to access the sessions and build friendships with other children.

Social Welfare Projects 

Thy Merciful Hands is project to assist disadvantaged individuals and low-income families in receiving food and hygiene product hampers during this Covid-19 in Middlesbrough and Stockton. 

Connecting Famillies through Food is a 10-week course on healthy eating and low-cost meals designed to help struggling financially families eat nutritious meals in Middlesbrough and Stockton.. 

 International Project

It intends to make a difference in the life of many people. It would put in time and effort to meet the needs of widowed families from low-income families. Offering food hampers to widows and families in need exemplifies acts of mercy.








APRIL 2021

After having an epiphany about mercy, the House of Mercy was established and constituted  on July 1st, 2020. The cause of extending acts of mercy was inspired by the scripture "2 Samuel 9vs 1."

Families were given food hampers from the co-founders' pockets, which sparked the idea to send donations. It served as the catalyst for the subsequent cause. House of Mercy began the cause to feed widows after focusing on the life of a wonderful generous lady and grand mother, Matilda, a widow who raised 8 grand children on her own.

"Remembering to Feed Widows" is a cause closely connected to our hearts, as we have seen widows struggling to make ends meet on many occasions. The global pandemic that has resulted in a rise in food costs that is out of control for even the most average person and has made 2020 even more difficult. House of mercy vowed to support widows and  distributed food hampers to 11 families in December as an initial start. 

House of Mercy started formally operating in Middlesbrough for the purpose of providing social welfare and educational projects to both UK and international locations.

The "Confident Readers Who Love To Write" club was launched. Children aged 5 to 16 from Middlesbrough are now being funded and loving reading books donated by the National Literacy Trust Middlesbrough and stationery from Tees Valley Together.


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Our Mission

 "To provide projects that improve social welfare and benefit communities."